Lexember 2014 #3: 'ããs

Today's word is my first verb for Lexember:

'ããs vII to train (an animal)

'ããs is a class II verb, which is the default class for transitive verbs. I won't go into the morphology, as I think as soon as I have time to work on Pahran again I may be revising the class II verb paradigm.

However, the most interesting thing about thinking of 'ããs today is that it led me to revise a completely unrelated word. Previously frujmaa "to teach" had also been class II, but I thought it might be better to keep 'ããs as class II and move frujmaa to class VII, which typically indicates situations where the subject is the origin or creator of the object (verbs such as build, create, write, etc). I also created a separate entry frujmaa "to learn" which is a class I (intransitive) verb.

My idea is that the class VII frujmaa "teach" is derived from class I frujmaa "learn", and that frujmaa will retain class VII status in contrast to 'ããs because of the different animacy relations. That is 'ããs is only used for animals, and thus only occurs when the object has lower animacy, whereas frujmaa applies when teacher and learner have equal status.

In any case, it looks like I am submitting this just under the wire. Hopefully I'll have the time to do the next few words in more timely fasion :P