Lexember 2014 #2: sõõp

It seems that I'm just a tad late for this (by my own time zone) but my second entry for Lexember 2014:

sõõp ni bowl, cup

My inspiration for the meaning of this word by my recent watching of lots of Chinese historical dramas (at the behest of my wife, of course). One thing you will learn about ancient China through these dramas is that apparently everyone used to drink alcohol out of bowls. I haven't done so much research into this, so I'm not sure why ancient Chinese are depicted this way or how accurate it is, but it does make sense that a cup and a bowl can function similarly and really are similar implements. As such, I decided that Pahrans, in the time period when Middle Pahran is spoken, will be sort of in between using just bowls to using more cup-like containers for some things. Eventually sõõp may come to mean just "cup" in a daughter language, or it may differ in meaning between a couple different dialects/daughters.