Lexember 2014 #1: tuuzaa

If you don't know, Lexember is an even that conlangers have latched onto where we invent a word in one of our conlangs for every day for the month of December. Until now I've never really participated, but I thought I'd go ahead and go for it, since it only takes a few minutes out of my day. So here it is, Lexember 2014, Day 1, from Middle Pahran, my current (languishing) project:

tuuzaa ni roof, house, bedroom.

I got the association of "roof>house" from one of the semantic maps from William Annis's A Conlanger's Thesaurus, which I think anyone doing Lexember should look to frequently for inspiration. This particular association works well for the fictional culture I have in my mind for Middle Pahran. Pahra is meant to be in a tropical location, and homes are fairly open. Poorer homes may be little more than a thatch roof, but even richer people with sturdier homes will culturally prefer entertaining guests or relaxing in the saamas, a central courtyard or flower garden, whenever the weather permits, and might not want to spend so much time indoors. Hence, I get house>bedroom (somewhat close to house>room on the map). In a Pahran inn, each room would be called a tuuzaa and would face directly onto the courtyard with no interior hallways connecting to other guestrooms.

Hopefully I can keep this up amid the craziness of papers and whatnot. In the mean time, have a great Lexember everyone!