Reflection on graduating

So, officially, I have graduated from university?  I knew this was coming of course, and I had already started searching for jobs (later than I should have, but I have submitted some applications and had one interview so far).  I didn't attend the big commencement.  I have no love of ceremonies nor crowds, so WVU commencement, to me, seemed like something that could drive me insane.  My mother supported this, saying that it would be useless for me to go just to be in a huge faceless crowd.

Instead, we went to a little brunch held by the International Studies program.  I would have preferred something with the Foreign Language department, but they weren't able to arrange a get-together this year.  In any case, I still had a good time at the brunch, and was able to talk to several professors.  I also was surprised to see on the program that I was marked as graduating Magna Cum Laude.  I was never one to obsess over grades, and rarely checked my GPA or class grades until I needed to list them for something.

In any case, I have spent five years as an undergrad, and already I feel good about being out.  My current plan is to find some kind of job I can work for a year or two before going back for graduate school.  Maybe I'll spend a little time and get a TESOL certification and go overseas to teach.  Or maybe I'll find something closer to home.  An upside, while I'm looking for work, I hope to be posting here more often.  I have a reminder on my calendar for every day which just says "write something".  That could be a post here, or a little bit in my novel, or any number of things, but I hope you can expect more frequent updates to the main blog as part of it.

Thank you to anyone who reads my ramblings.