Two Tsunami Posts

Usually, I prefer to do separate topics for Mil Palabras and 千字作文, maybe with a connecting theme, maybe not.  But this week I decided that I would do something different.  I decided to do both pieces on the Sendai earthquake and subsequent tsunami.  I did this not because of laziness, but because I was personally affected by the news, despite the fact that I was no where near any of the affected areas, and as far as I know none of my friends has been harmed (though I do worry about at least one Japanese friend).

Of the two posts, what I wrote for 千字作文仙台地震:全太平洋的灾难) is a little more "newsy", while what I wrote in Mil Palabras (El tsunami y yo) gets more into my personal feelings.  But one thing I suggested in both is: do whatever you can to help, if you can.  And there are tools to help if you can't find someone.  That is all.