Thet foreign talk is up

Today I have posted my first entries for Mil Palabras and 千字作文.  Well, actually, I had already posted a 千字作文 for last week, so now I have two.  My 千字作文 for last week covered a recent story where a few mummies and other artifacts from Xinjiang were pulled from an exhibit in Philadelphia at the request of the Chinese government.  This weeks posts are less "newsy", with both going for personal accounts about language learning.  In this week's Mil Palabras (the first!) I talked about how my experience learning Spanish helped me along when I decided to learn Chinese.  In 千字作文 for this week, I talked about some other advantages I had in learning Chinese.  Feel free to read, enjoy, correct and complain.

I'm feeling pretty good about these projects as ways to build and maintain my language skills.  Time will tell whether I will be able to keep up with two essays a week into the future.  For now, I think I already have a good topic for next week's Mil Palabras, thanks to a friend in Mexico -- so long as nothing else strikes me.  If anyone else has suggestions for topics, don't hesitate to send them to me.