Ok, this is getting a bit nuts

Alright, I promise I won't turn this into "swine flu blog" but I thought I might do a little commentary on the news as it stands worldwide.  According to the latest WHO update, swine flu has caused about 25 deaths in Mexico (out of 590 confirmed cases).  Worldwide there are a total of 985 cases that have resulted in a grand total of ... 26 deaths (one was in the US).  That's about a 2.6% death rate -- before counting the extenuating circumstances that probably lead to a higher death rate in Mexico (poverty leading to poor health care and late detection).

So the new H1N1 is no where near as bad as the hype surrounding it.  So why do we have Egypt killing all pigs in the countryChina detaining Mexican citizens even if they haven't been to Mexico in the past months, and of course, the latest in useless, unhelpful measures -- this: